SFB Cranberry Orange Curd

SFB Cranberry Orange Curd


Cranberry Orange Curd.
You cannot go wrong with a Sticky Fingers Curd! A bright and lively take on the classic English curd. Try it on your morning toast or as a tangy dessert filling.

Available in a 8.2 oz jar.

Why Curds?

They are made in small batches with premium ingredients and are deliciously smooth and thick. Try them on a scone, as a dessert filling or as a tangy topping for ice cream. You can taste the difference that quality ingredients like fresh eggs and quality butter can make.

The Story Behind Sticky Fingers:
Sticky Fingers all started with two fraternity brothers who started a thriving retail bakery. Their scones in particular were so highly popular they were selling out every day! Requests for the recipe kept coming in over and over again. So they worked to develop a scone mix that would enable their busy patrons to recreate the bakery's popular scones at home by just adding water. The mix was a hit! They continued to grow steadily, keeping the integrity of both the process and ingredients of their products! Since then they have now boxed and packaged many of their delicious products such as their delectable curds!

Quality ingredients are a standard at Sticky Fingers Bakeries. Mixes contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, trans-fats or saturated fats. The Citrus Curds are made in small batches with loads of fresh fruit and contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup. They really care what goes into there products!

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