Persian Lime California Olive Oil

Persian Lime California Olive Oil


Persian Lime California Olive Oil.
Whole Persian limes are pressed with ripe California olives to create an exotic olive oil with the unique flavor of lime zest. We love to use this flavor with California Cuisine dishes like chili lime chicken, or fish and Mediterranean plates like lime roasted lamb or mint couscous salad.

Available in 250 ml glass bottle.

The Story Behind EnFuso.
EnFuso starts its process with fresh olives harvested in the Capay Valley region of Northern California. Their infused olive oils always begin with certified extra virgin oil. Fresh and healthy olives are pressed on state-of-the-art-equipment within hours of picking and the oil is optimally stored to ensure freshness and longevity. No artificial or natural flavors are in the products. Only 100% real products that come direct form the earth and that taste exactly as nature intended them to. They promote a healthy palate excited about the flavors nature has to offer. They are hand bottled in a facility in Southern California. 

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